Indoor Gun Range

Our indoor gun range is 25 yards long and is well suited for pistols and rifles.

Our interactive MILO range is the perfect training ground.

Indoor Gun Range

Pistols & Rifles

Our range is 25yds and is rated up to 3600fps. You can bring in pistols and rifles.

MILO Range

Interactive Firearms Training

The MILO Range training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive Firearms training. Our system includes over 700 ready-to-train scenarios, the MILO Course Designer scenario-authoring software, which allows us to create our own scenarios, and an extensive library of interactive CGI firearms drills and exercises.


Walk In Range Fee $25.00/hr
Additional Shooter
(Same Lane)
Military/LEO/First Responder Range Fee $15.00/hr
Senior (Age 65+) $15.00/hr
* A maximum of 2 shooters are permitted per lane.

*Ear and eye protection, along with 1 target, are included. 


Private Bay (Up to 6 shooters) $125.00/hr
Milo Laser $25.00/½hr
Additional Shooter Laser $12.50/½hr
Milo “Live” $50.00/½hr
Additional Shooter “Live” $25.00/½hr
*Reservations are required for the Private Bay and Simulator.


Bronze Membership
6 Visits + Bronze In-Store Coupons
Silver Membership 
13 Visits + Silver In-Store Coupons
Gold Membership 
21 Visits + Gold In-Store Coupons

Range Safety Rules & Regulations

  1. All weapons must be pointed down range at all times.
  2. Firearms will only be handled at the firing line.
  3. If being moved or not being used, all firearms must have the slide/bolt locked back, and the magazine removed.
  4. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  5. Make sure bullets will hit the backstop – Not the ceiling or floor.
  6. Shoot at your own target – No cross range firing.
  7. If your gun jams, leave it on the firing line, pointing down range, and contact the range master for assistance.
  8. Make sure your ammunition is compatible with the firearm being used.
  9. All persons entering the shooting range must wear eye and ear protection at all times.
  10. The use of holsters will not be permitted.
  11. This is a family recreation facility. Please use appropriate language.
  12. No steel cased or steel core ammunition allowed.
  13. Do not pick up range brass unless specifically authorized by the range master.